Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

From my family to yours ... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 23, 2008

a little bit of Christmas

So I feel like I've been in a blender the last month and the last thing I wanted to do was decorate for Christmas. But, Sarah talked me into pulling out a few decorations and I'm glad she did. She then proceeded to take my camera and document our little bit of holiday cheer. So, from guest photographer, Sarah - age 5 1/2 - here's a glimpse of Christmas at the Redman home.

the garland on the stairs

the snowman on our kitchen table

it's a little too warm in the house for this snowman

our Christmas tree, complete with my favorite angel who flutters her wings

the kids' tree by their room with their own special ornaments, one for each year

the hand-sewn (not by me) nativity scene that's so fun to play with

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Dec 18, 2008

its only been a month

and yet it feels like much longer. Some of you know. Some of you don't.

I am moving to New York!

Yep, there you have it. What? I know. It's crazy. But, as Martha would say, it's a "good thing."

Okay. Where to start. I guess we'll go back to the beginning. Scott has worked for Chrysler for 13 years. He really enjoyed his job and his colleagues and has always enjoyed the cars. The last several years have been very unstable at Chrysler starting with the 'merger' with Daimler and continuing with sale to Cerberus and lately with the economy and the request for money from the government. It has been a very unhappy place to be. In November, Chrysler offered a voluntary resignation incentive to EVERY employee. Scott, along with many of his colleagues, thought if he could find a job in a month, he's take the buyout and the new job. Now, finding a new job in a month is no easy feat. We began to pray in earnest that we would be in God's will and be obedient. Scott was talking about this with his sister and she said she would circulate his resume to a few directors at Lockheed Martin, where she works. The resume was circulated and in just two days he had received three phone calls for three different positions. I read Scott's resume. It is pretty impressive. He has worked hard, has three degrees and proven himself at Chrysler with his most recent position managing over 30 employees and various vendors for the complete interior of the L cars (Challenger - one of the coolest cars out there!, Charger and 300.) In spite of this, he has desired more stability for our family. So, his resume circulated around Lockheed Martin and one of those phone calls resulted in an interview and an offer in just three weeks at Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY. Scott will be working on a bid to develop a vehicle for the Army and his automotive experience, along with his MBA, make him a great match for the job.

Scott has already started his new position with LM. In just the last few days in dealing with his new employers, he has already been encouraged by the attitude at Lockheed. Can you say an answer to prayer! Even though we love our current home, neighborhood, schools, friends and church we both feel that God is calling us to leave all of that. And that means leaving all of my family and Scott's parents, too. It also means leaving my clients.

So, we are about to embark on The Redman's BIG Adventure. Our house is on the market and we hope to be in New York with Scott by February.

I know many of you have been praying for us. We have felt it. We are very excited to see what God has in store for us. We would ask that you keep us in your prayers.

If you want to check it out, we'll be in the Binghamton area. Don't worry, I've already checked and there is a Target, Starbuck's, Home Depot (for Scott) and even a mall with a Macy's. Oh, and the kids were very excited to see Little Ceasars and Chuck E. Cheese's. It will be a big change for us but we are excited.

So, with the holidays and the move, Rebecca Redman Photography is officially closed ... for good. I haven't yet decided if I'll start my business over in NY. I'd just like to get there and get us settled in before I determine all of that. Many of you have asked, "Who will take our pictures?" That's a great question. I'll generate a list of local photographers I know that are great to work with. There's always the possibility of scheduling a day of sessions when I come home to MI to visit family. Right now, I'm just taking it one day at a time.

Thanks so much for your business over these last six years. I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and your families and have always appreciated the trust you put in me, the experience of documenting life.

For now, if you know of anyone looking for a great home in a super neighborhood, send them the link to our listing.

Great Home for Sale

I'll keep you up to date on our Big Adventure.

Nov 17, 2008

I actually won something

So, I blogged and emailed about Elli Noelle Designs and was entered into a contest for free jewelry. In honor of her 100th blog post Rachel was offering $100 worth of jewelry. She had over 915 entries in her contest. And I won! I know several of you have mentioned that you're thinking of Elli Noelle for gifts and now I can splurge a little, too! How fun! Thank you Rachel!

Have you noticed that I like exclamation marks!!!

Nov 11, 2008

fabulous gift idea

So, I suppose this would fall under 'musings' as it has absolutely nothing to do with photography. I'm always looking for ways to support other women who have started their own businesses. I guess because I know how much work it is. And with the economy the way it is, I'm even more excited when the business is based in Michigan so that we are supporting our neighbors. I was tipped to this fun Etsy shop, Elli Noelle Designs.

A little bio about Rachel.
About Me : I am a wife to a musician and a good one at that :) A mother to 3 Angels. I am using the creative passion God has given me to make unique and fun items to support me so I may stay at home with my children.

And the goodies.
Each and every piece is handcrafted and hand stamped. I do not use presses or machines to create the wording on my jewelry. As such, please note that the differences in the finish and ‘imperfections’ such as floating letters (not perfectly computerized and straight) and the like are part of the inherent character and charm of the piece and should not be considered defects.

I've seen stamped pieces before and I always thing I need them. Wouldn't these make fabulous gifts for all the women on your shopping list? The fact that they are hand-made makes it even more special. So, hop on over to Elli Noelle Designs and start shopping!

Nov 3, 2008

Tuesday is Election Day

Unless you've been living under a rock the last year or so, you know that Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day. I would encourage all my fellow Americans to exercise your privilege as an American citizen to vote. Even if you're voting for that other guy. And Starbucks will give you a free coffee, just for doing the right thing.

Oct 31, 2008

happy halloween

It's finally here! My kids have been so excited for this day to arrive. The costumes, the candy, being out past dark, the pumpkins ... it's just too much.

I wanted to share some information from a fun little site called Photojojo. It's got fun ideas of crazy things to do with your camera, your photographs, and different techniques to try. It's just fun. Yesterday they posted all about night portraits. It's worth reading before the kids head out tonight. Also, don't be afraid to turn off your flash tonight. Check out these fun photos:

A neighborhood game of flashlight tag. Cute, right!

But, look how fun it is with the flash off.

So be scary this Halloween and try your hand at some night portraits. I'd love to see what you do, so send me your pictures by Wednesday, November 5th and I'll post them to the blog.

Happy Halloween!!

Oct 27, 2008

three little monkeys

I have to admit. When I was told three boys and a dog, I wanted to say all the sessions were filled. But in actuality, this family was a breeze ... even the dog. Just a little something to tide Mom over until the full gallery is posted.

And one in color. Can I just say that all my families did a great job this year in selecting their clothes! You all did.

Oct 25, 2008


Hey, here's a fun little blog to check out.

Grossgrain by Kathleen Dougherty

A blog by an artsy craftsy, penny pinching, party planning, playdating, fashion finding, sci-fi loving, stay at home mommy who always keeps her sewing machine plugged in and loves all things cute!

I sewed a lot of my own clothes in college just because I was short on money and really longed for some things I could not afford (hence my stint with abercrombie and fitch but that's another story). Then for a couple years after college I sort of stopped sewing clothes and mostly stuck to curtains, slipcovers and Halloween costumes. Then around January, I was having coffee with a friend who asked if I sewed. I had been reading a couple sewing blogs and all of sudden I just had this surge of inspiration. I said, yes, I do....and after that I went home and actually started *really* sewing again. Only this time, for my girls, which is so much more rewarding for me. I started this blog to journal my work and the rest is history.

Kathleen is having a giveaway of a cute little skirt and to be entered into the giveaway, I needed to link to her blog. So, I played along and here's the link. Check it out.


Oct 24, 2008

one of my sisters

Okay, if you didn't already know this. I have four sisters. No brothers. Just four sisters. One of them came out for a session on Saturday. Actually, two of them were there as my youngest sister was my assistant in the field. But, back to this sister and her beautiful family. I'm still editing the sessions, but this one jumped out at me. I like it. I think it is a wonderful example of family. A mother and father who love each other and demonstrate that love to their child. So, one little peek. The rest will be coming soon.

Oct 22, 2008

family photo tip

So, how do you get a great, natural looking family portrait? Try this little tip:

Everyone look at Dad.

Now, look at Mom.

Okay, look at big sister.

Don't forget little brother.

Now everyone look at me. And voila, genuine smiley faces.

Wouldn't these be fun in a series spanning a hallway? I think so.

I'm in the thick of editing all of Saturday's great sessions. I'll be posting sneak peeks here and there for the next week.

Oct 17, 2008

only 3 sessions left

Alright. If you've been waiting to book your session time for Saturday, NOW is the time. Well, actually these are the times:

11:00, 11:30, or 2:30

Spend the time and money to invest in something that won't lose its value .... your family.

I'll be out of the office a good chunk of time on Friday, but leave a message or send an email and I'll get in touch!

Oct 16, 2008

Oct 15, 2008

just five open slots

The Gallery R Sessions are THIS Saturday. It should be a cool, mid fifties fall day with no forecast of rain. Yay! The sessions will take place in Birmingham and these are the open times:

10:30 - booked, 11:00 11:30, 1:30 - booked, 2:30

-15-20 minute session
-maximum of 8 online proofs
-proofs shown in Rebecca's choice of black and white or color

-includes your choice of
(1) custom framed, signed 8 x 10 portrait
(25) 5 x 7 Holiday Cards
(1) Digital File Holiday Card

These are the last sessions for 2008!!! You know the economy is in the toilet so let's focus on what's important ... family. Spend some time together and you'll have beautiful portraits to cherish. Session fee is $165 + tax and due at time of booking. There is no additional purchase required but there is a full pricing sheet, including three Collections to order from starting at just $120.

Oh and did I mention that I'm offering some sweet incentives for purchasing Collections? Well, I am.

Call or Email today for full details!

what do we wear?

So, for the most part I photograph individuals. But this time of the year, the families get in on the fun, too. The biggest question I get is "What should we wear?" For your holiday cards, I suggest to do something fun. Think layers and textures. You can coordinate your look without everyone wearing the same exact thing (although that's not a bad thing - just more traditional.) Pick a color scheme - denim, blue, white or denim, orange, green or even put everyone in something black and let them accessorize with their own color choice. I've had clients top simple white shirt and jeans with fun scarves, vests, hats, or ponchos. Just think COORDINATE. And to be honest, I suggest starting with the momma. I figure out what I'm going to wear, which is always something that I feel good in. And that will vary as much as my waistline seems to! Let's start with this sample outfit from Ann Taylor LOFT.

Then maybe I hit Old Navy for the rest of the family to pull together some green, creme and denim.

Then, this is what I do. I lay the outfits out on the bed and see what I think. I walk away and return later and take another look. Does anything stand out? If not, then we're good to go. Remember, this is the one time during the year you'll see some color from me so keep that in mind. To get you started, here are some highlights from last year's sessions. Everyone looked great!

And you can see the 2006 sessions here! 2006 in Birmingham