Jun 29, 2007

outta here

I am on vacation until Tuesday, July 10th. I am going to have some quality time unplugging from my computer and plugging into my family. Feel free to call and email while I am on vacation, but please be aware that I will not be returning any emails or phone calls until the 10th.

In the meantime, have a great Fourth and enjoy your families!

one smart momma

This smart momma knew that it would be too much for her two year old to try and squeeze in the newborn portraits and two year portraits at the same time. So, we photographed new baby brother C on Friday and then big sis L had her own session on Saturday. They each were the star and they each shone beautifully. Seems like just yesterday I did L's own newborn session. It is such a privilege to see these little beauties grow up.

Jun 27, 2007

Jun 26, 2007

five blessed bows

Okay, here is one of my musings. I have been on the hunt for white grosgrain ribbon bows for my daughter. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find ... but it was. My sister told me about Five Blessed Bows so I checked it out. Totally cute bows. They have about six different styles (loopy, corkers, twisters, you name it) and tons of color combinations. Of course, you can even custom pick your colors. I ordered those white grosgrain ribbon bows (plus a bunch more) and they came pretty quickly and are so cute. So, check them out. And if you do order, be sure to click their 'referral' link and send them an email letting them know that I referred you. I can earn some credit towards free bows. Oh, and just for reference, I order all my bows in the 3 inch size. They go up to 5" but I was afraid at that size, my daughter's head would keep flopping over from the weight! Oh, and my sister swears by the baby grippers. They stay in that fine baby hair and don't fall out ... really!

Jun 19, 2007

still tuesday

Okay, I have 15 minutes left until it is not Tuesday anymore so I need to get this post up. Thanks to all who are subscribing using FeedBlitz. It makes me feel like my time updating the blog is time well spent.

So, here's M and E. Two sweet boys with a wonderful mom and dad. Little E simply sat there and looked adorable. M made me work for it a bit more but I'm so pleased with the results. This session was to focus on E who is a great age for photographing ... 8 months. He can sit, but is not mobile yet and had a full tummy and a nap and was happy as a clam. So, without any further ado ... E, the star of the show, and his big brother M.

Jun 11, 2007

shout out to 2008 grads

I am looking for my 2008 senior representatives. If you are a 2008 senior, or know someone who is, please have them contact me right away to receive an application to be considered. Senior reps get the benefit of having their session done early and of course, there are other perks, too, that will save you some bucks. I am looking for grads who are involved and will get my name out there to all of their friends. It's not too early. Contact me now!

simply black and white

Of course, I still am drawn to black and white. Here were our younger models G & G.

how many photographers does it take ...

to be a human curtain? Apparently, 8. I had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop this past weekend, lead by Susan Robichaud. I am working towards increasing my senior grad market and this weekend was a boost for me. What's this? Color? from Rebecca? Yep, you know there are two exceptions for my all black and white rule - grads and holiday. I had a great time getting to meet some local photographers and spent some quality time with my lightmeter and all my lenses. Here are my favorites of each our our models.

Jun 8, 2007

bogo 1/2 off

June Signature Sessions on the boulevard in The Preserve.

This is in reference to the June Signature Sessions that include a set of custome notecards coming up on June 23rd. The session is $120. So, schedule and pay for your June Signature Session for $120 and get a gift certificate for a second June Signature session for $60. Okay, what's the catch, you ask? The gift certificate must be used by a new client, someone who has never scheduled a session with me before. So, what to do with the gift certificate? Give it as a gift! The great thing is that your friend will have a session and get super-cute notecards and not have to spend another penny (unless of course they want to.) Or, the total for your session and gift certificate is $180 and you could split it with your friend and each pay $90. It's your choice. Just call or email to schedule your session and then get your friend to call, too. But, act quickly because there are limited session times available.

Jun 5, 2007


I was honored to be asked to photograph this lovely family. A is an outstanding client and I have had the privilege of photographing her two daughters over the last five years. Her dad wanted a generation portrait that included his mother, himself, his daughter (A) and his granddaughters. The whole time I was photographing I was thinking two things. 1. Yay to all of them for taking the time to do this, and 2. I have got to do this, too! So, thanks to you for inspiring me. I know the portraits will be treasured.