Sep 4, 2007

thinking about the holidays

Okay, I promise I will roll out the dates and details for this year's Holiday Joy sessions. I keep getting phone calls and emails inquiring for this year's dates and I will let you know by week's end. In the meantime, the biggest question I get is "What should we wear?" For your holiday cards, I suggest to do something fun. Again, think layers and textures. You can coordinate your look without everyone wearing the same exact thing (although that's not a bad thing.) Pick a color scheme - denim, brown, white or denim, orange, green or even put everyone in something black and let them accessorize with their own color choice. I've had clients top simple white shirt and jeans with fun scarves, vests, hats, or ponchos. Just think COORDINATE. Lay the outfits on your bed together and see what you think. Remember, this is the one time during the year you'll see color from me so keep that in mind. To get you started, here are some highlights from last year's sessions.

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