Oct 15, 2008

what do we wear?

So, for the most part I photograph individuals. But this time of the year, the families get in on the fun, too. The biggest question I get is "What should we wear?" For your holiday cards, I suggest to do something fun. Think layers and textures. You can coordinate your look without everyone wearing the same exact thing (although that's not a bad thing - just more traditional.) Pick a color scheme - denim, blue, white or denim, orange, green or even put everyone in something black and let them accessorize with their own color choice. I've had clients top simple white shirt and jeans with fun scarves, vests, hats, or ponchos. Just think COORDINATE. And to be honest, I suggest starting with the momma. I figure out what I'm going to wear, which is always something that I feel good in. And that will vary as much as my waistline seems to! Let's start with this sample outfit from Ann Taylor LOFT.

Then maybe I hit Old Navy for the rest of the family to pull together some green, creme and denim.

Then, this is what I do. I lay the outfits out on the bed and see what I think. I walk away and return later and take another look. Does anything stand out? If not, then we're good to go. Remember, this is the one time during the year you'll see some color from me so keep that in mind. To get you started, here are some highlights from last year's sessions. Everyone looked great!

And you can see the 2006 sessions here! 2006 in Birmingham

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