May 29, 2008

one year ... exactly

Little miss L was fortunate enough that her first birthday fell on a Gallery R date. This was one of those sessions where on the surface it would have seemed that we didn't get anything. L was perfectly happy until we decided to start taking her picture. Then she promptly decided not to be happy anymore. But her smart momma knew from past sessions with L's brother that we always get the perfect shot. I know she wonders how that happens, but it does. This session was no different. But this brings to mind another reason that makes this momma smart. She left L's brother at home. Now, that might seem a bit unfair, but really, it isn't. The Gallery R sessions are structured and priced to focus on an individual. So, this momma recognized that this was an important time in her daughter's life and let her be the star. Maybe in the future, big brother Z will get his own special day. He is on the brink of an important time in his life ... starting kindergarten.

May I introduce you to L on her first birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me!

May 21, 2008

Gallery R FAQs

Hello! I am so excited about the response to Gallery R. I've had a few phone calls and emails with questions so I thought I would blog some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Are the Gallery R Sessions indoors or outside?
A. That depends on the month! Each month there will be a specified setting. For example, May is Modern Studio. That is inside with a clean, simple background.

June is The Boulevard. This is an outdoor setting along the boulevard of my subdivision that provides a backdrop of tall grasses and willow trees.

July is Urban. Those sessions will take place downtown Lake Orion among the brick, fading paint and doorways. I'll be posting samples soon. Other Gallery R settings are Relationships - indoors with black on black, Fall Color - outdoor to emphasize the changing leaves, Holiday Joy - indoors with a silvery backdrop of ornaments. As each monthly session is planned, samples will be posted.

Q. Are the portraits back and white or color?
A. Portraits will be shown in either black and white or color, as I determine the best presentation of the portrait. So, in most cases, there will be a combination of both. Portraits are available as I have presented them. So, if a proof is in black and white, any enlargements ordered would be black and white, as well.

Q. Is 20 minutes enough time?
A. Yes.

Q. What's included with the session fee?
A. Gallery R Sessions are $165 and include a custom framed 8 x 10 portrait. I have established a relationship with a Lake Orion framer and you will have your choice of four frames. All the frames are simple in design to showcase your portrait. Frame choices are silver, black, white or rustic wood. All images are matted to an 11 x 14 size and the mat is signed by me. A true piece of art. (

Q. How many people can be in a Gallery R Session?
A. Due to the limited session time and number of proofs shown, Gallery R Sessions will focus on an individual or the family and are limited to 1 to 2 individuals or the family. This is not the session to have portraits of mom and dad together, mom with the children, dad with the children, each child individually and together and just one with the dog. Keep it simple.

Q. Are you really going to answer if 20 minutes is enough time?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I view my proofs and place my order?
A. About two weeks after your session, I will email you your password to view your private gallery on my site. Online galleries will be hosted for 3 days. You can call or email me with your order. Prints are generally ready three weeks after I receive payment.

Q. What can I order from a Gallery R Session?
A. To keep things simple, three collections are offered starting at $120. You may also order additional prints 11 x 14 and smaller. There is a small boutique of add on items including cards, easel prints, panel bracelet and digital files.

Q. Seriously. 20 minutes?
A. Ha. Ha. So you want an explanation? Gallery R Sessions are designed to involve a limited time and financial investment for my clients. These sessions provide just a quick peek into the individual at this moment in time, presenting 8 proofs to order from. If you'd like a longer session and more proofs, then you might consider my Signature Black and White Sessions, starting at $1,100.

May 19, 2008

tee ball

So, baseball and tee ball are pretty much consuming our lives right now. Here's a few snaps of my daughter in her first season of tee ball. She really needs a lot of help but is having just the best time. And that's what it's all about when you're five. There are way too many snaps here, but I couldn't seem to narrow it down. I probably could have taken about a hundred snaps of her in the catcher gear!

May 14, 2008

a distraction

I don't know about all of you, but I think this weather is the pitts. I've been feeling a bit sad lately and I know it's due to lack of sunshine. I know this because yesterday I felt great all day and if you're local, you know it was sunny. Everything - laundry, proofing, washing dishes, emailing - seemed like fun, not work. On another grey day, I invite you to feel a little bit of sunshine through this video. And don't be surprised if the next time I see you, I offer a 'free hug.'

May 9, 2008

Gallery R Sessions are here!

Okay, I like to have all my ducks in a row before I roll out new ideas, but this one just can't wait. I've been kicking around this idea of having two photography services. Rebecca Redman Signature Black and White Sessions will cater to clients looking for lifestyle photography. I'll spend a few hours with your family, capturing the every day moments of life ... reading books, baking cookies, playing in the yard. Custom books and albums will preserve these memories to pass down. Rebecca will work one on one with you to design beautiful wall groupings and suggest several ways to live with your photographs. On the other hand, sometimes you just want a recent portrait or to celebrate something as simple as a lost tooth or new braces. Just a snapshot into your child as they are right now. That's where Gallery R Sessions fit it. Gallery R Sessions offer all of the high quality products and customer service you expect from Rebecca but without a high investment of time or money. Think of it as an itty-bitty session to capture today.

I was hoping to have the new site live but that is still in the works. I was hoping to have all the pricing PDFs ready to send but that's in the works. I was hoping to update my galleries but that's in the works. But, I've already missed Mother's Day and didn't want to miss Father's Day as well. So, all you thoughtful moms out there, gift giving for Father's Day this year could not be any easier. The hardest part will be deciding what to wear and I can help you out with that, too!

Gallery R Session
-simple, fun
-20 minute session
-8 images to order from
-convenient online gallery and ordering

The first Gallery R Session of 2008 will include a 5 x 7 desk easel print that is absolutely perfect for any dad. How do I know this? I know this because my husband has one of these desk easel prints sitting on his desk and he is not the kind of guy who likes stuff on his desk. The only photo I have to show is the one I designed for his MBA team. This group worked together for two years and became really good friends. As a graduation gift they each received a desk easel print that included their team logo (which I designed) and a photo from their international trip. It's a great memory and this easel print is a great product. A special thanks to Daveen Photography for clueing me in to this product.

Your portrait is transferred as a dye sublimated image onto a 1/4" black hardboard with attached easel. A highly durable, high gloss & extremely smooth UV resistant coating is added that exhibits brilliant color reproduction and exceptional image clarity.

What dad wouldn't love a beautiful portrait of his children to proudly display?!? I would even suggest that mom get in the picture, too. Just keep dad out of the loop so it will be a surprise.

WHO: Mom and the kids
WHEN: Friday, May 23rd
TIME: from 10:00 - 3:30 on the hour and half hour
WHERE: Rebecca's home studio in Lake Orion
COST: $115 (Additional portraits may be ordered at current pricing. Pricing information will be sent upon booking.)

So, what to do if you have school aged children? Take them out of school. Can you think of something else that will get your child in a better mood than to skip out of school a bit early? Or go in a bit late? What a fun way to start the holiday weekend.

Payment of your session fee holds your time. The included desk easel print and any additional ordered prints will be ready by Father's Day. I'm sure I'm missing some pertinent information or details so please call or email with any questions.

I'll be sending out an email in the next day or so but that means my blog readers are the first to know and get first dibs at scheduling. To thank you loyal blog readers, the first client to book their session will receive an additional 5 x 7 desk easel print with my thanks. That could be perfect for grandpa or even for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Call or email today to schedule your session.

May 5, 2008

Living with Photographs

Back to the video clip. This week we take a look at my daughter's room. If any of you are using these ideas in your own homes, please snap a photo and email it to me. With your permission, I'll post them on the blog.

really enjoy this age

Okay, I love photographing this age. That would be the elementary/tween age. I know that's sort of a gap, but I think it goes back to my teaching days. I taught junior high math for six years and one year of sixth grade in an elementary school. You can joke with this age and they get it. They have great ideas and not afraid to stumble. And it seems when I photograph this age, I get just a glimpse of the future. Here is E celebrating her First Holy Communion.