Jan 30, 2008

more of project 366

Just to say, these pictures probably won't mean much to you, but it has been an interesting journey so far. Only one day where I almost forgot and so all I could think to do was take a pictures of the clock showing I just had about 8 minutes or so left. But, tomorrow will be the last of 'the firsts' and I'm thinking I'll move on to the alphabet. Should be more obvious when I start posting.

Jan 23, 2008

the second week

more on a theme of 'firsts'...

and just a quick note to let you know that I had originally intended to do something about the grand opening of the Rochester Hills Walmart, but when I told my daughter to get a free twinkie, she had no idea what I was talking about. So, instead of a first day photo, I ended up with a first twinkie photo. She didn't like it, by the way, but I certainly enjoyed it!

Jan 15, 2008


Okay, two really cool websites that I know I will be buying something from.

These are super cool handbags that have a groovy insert that keeps all your stuff neat & organized. Too good to be true? They are having a Sample Sale right now so certain colors are half off.

The Butler Bag

And also this site has cool word graphics for your walls. Wonderful Grafitti The whole month of January is their Write Sale with savings of 25% on most everything. I'm buying the Care Labels for my laundry room.

I'll be sure to post snaps of what I get. If you buy anything, take a snap and send it to me.

finally some photographs

I know this is a photography blog, so I thought I better start posting some photographs. I have decided to venture on something called Project 366. Basically, you take a photo each day of the year. And this year is a leap year so that makes is 366. Sounds easy, right? I take a ton of photos. But, I am finding it quite a challenge to take at least one picture every day. With that in mind, here is my journey. My husband bought me a digital point & shoot for Christmas. I have no idea what I am doing with this thing so I thought we would spend the next year getting to know each other. So, for me, Project 366 could also be called Project Get to Know Your Fuji FinePix. I am a bit behind in posting but I have decided not to post each day and have you wind up with all these annoying emails letting you know I have posted, but to post a week's worth at a time. Since we are two weeks into the new year, I have two weeks of posts. Because I was feeling a bit lost at what to take photographs of, I am giving myself mini-assignments. First, I just celebrated my birthday the sixth of this month so on the sixth day of each month, I am going to take a self-portrait. And in between I will come up with new challenges to fill in the blanks. With January being the start of the New Year, my theme for January is "First ....." If you feel the urge, grab your own camera and join me. I have a feeling that these mini-assignments will leak into my blog contests.

In any case, on with the posts.

Jan 14, 2008

PSA - Tuesday is the day to vote

Okay, I know you're not supposed to talk politics or religion, but this is just a friendly reminder that if you live in the great state of Michigan, Tuesday, January 15th is the primary vote. Now, I don't know much about primaries and delegates and a 15% majority and being punished with the earlier date and all that. I just know that we have men and women serving this country, risking their lives to protect the freedom that we enjoy here in the states. So, whatever your opinion about the politicians, I would encourage you to take advantage of your right to vote. See you at the polls!

And I promise the next post will have some photographs.


to Lisa of Lake Orion. She was the winner in the December Webkinz drawing. I will get your little reindeer on its way. Thanks to all who participated!

Jan 5, 2008

make your kids happy

Don't forget. There are only two days left to enter the December contest for the Webkinz reindeer.

1. Subscribe to RRPD {the blog}. (You may have already done this. If not, see the yellow box to the right)
2. Get at least two more friends to subscribe to RRPD {the blog}. (Have them view the blog and subscribe.)

Now, this is important. This is how you get entered in the contest.

3. Send me an email --subject header - December Contest -- with your name and email and the names and emails of your two (or more) friends who have subscribed to RRPD {the blog}.
4. All three (or more) names will be entered into the contest.
5. Last day to enter is January 7th, 2008.
6. One winner will be drawn at random on January 8th, 2008.

See how happy mine are! I made them each a fleece scarf ((ie. cut a skinny piece of fleece and fringed the edges ... the height of my sewing abilites) so we would know which one belongs to who. My English is probably all wrong there, but you know what I mean.

Jan 2, 2008

q & a with Kristin

Many of you know Kristin. She is my right hand at the Holiday Joy sessions and works ton behinds the scene - answering phone calls, packing prints, running deliveries, picking up supplies, you name it, she can do it. So, not only do we get to spend time chatting while we're working, I also get the privilege of photographing her family each year. So, a little bit about my best friend.

First name & city: Kristin Lake Orion

How many children, first names and ages: 3 Kara 10, Keegan 7, Collin 6......2 pugs Daisy and Ruby

What's on the top of your holiday wish list?
Gift Cards; I'm so picky

What's on the top of your children's wish lists?

The gift you are most excited to give: Wii...because my kids will be very surprised! Kristin pulled a classic here. She bought Guitar Hero for the Wii and when the gift was opened, the kids were like, 'you bought the wrong one, we have PS2' and then they opened the Wii and couldn't believe it.

What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Waking up early...like 4 am to open up the stocking and then going back to bed

What's something you *don't do* during the holidays? I don't Stress Out

Black Friday- are you out before 6 am? Yes, my mom makes me; but I do like it!

Shopping- stores, online or both?
Stores and E-Bay Can I just say that I blame Kristin for all my ebay purchases!

One store getting a lot of your business for gifts this holiday season: Game Stop

Favorite holiday food? Fudge and Christmas Cookies

Favorite places to go with your children in the winter months: Any place warm! Although we probably will do a little skiing with my 7 year old!

What was the last book you read to your children?
The Book of Proverbs

What's on your nightstand? About 10 different books but I'm reading Pullman's "His Dark Materials"

What are your favorite websites or blogs to visit? Cook's Illustrated, Real Simple and Craig's List

What are your 3 favorite local restaurants? Kruse & Muer on the Lake, Vannelli Express (Italian Take Out) Lake Orion, Panera

What is your favorite Salon? Constance's

What local groups or causes are you involved with? Compassion, Alathia Church in Washington, Children's Bible Fellowship in NYC

Any business or fun stuff you want to share? I love old black and white movies....I will be watching a lot over the winter! My favorite is Rebecca by Alfred Hitchock. Hmm, I hope Kristin doesn't compare me to that Rebecca. She's not so nice, we find out.

And last but not least, what do you *love* about Rebecca Redman Photography & Design?
I like how easy going she is when photographing my children. No stress even when my little guy sneaks in weird faces.

And here is Kristin's beautiful family. They are always fun to be with.