Apr 27, 2007

ellabee baby

Cool, hip tees for the little ones in your life. I bought one of these for my daughter last year and it is one of her favorites. She is a 'cool chick'. And after a full year of a messy, messy, little girl wearing it, it still looks great and is super soft.

SAVE 10% STOREWIDE UNTIL APRIL 30th! Simply visit EllabeeBaby and use Promo Code: SUMMER at checkout. And if you purchase a tee, be sure to take a snapshot of your little sweetie in it and email it to me. I'll post them to the blog.

Apr 24, 2007

why a blog?

I started posting to the blog because there is always something new or exciting or a great portrait I want to share with all of you and I didn't want to be filling up your inbox with emails. So, I'm blogging. I hope you'll bookmark the blog and check it frequently. My goal is to update it every Tuesday and maybe on Fridays. What can you expect to find on the blog?

YOU! Well, your recent portraits anyway.
NEW PRODUCTS and OFFERINGS. I have a lot of new products in the works and when I am sure they meet my high standards, I will be rolling them out.
CURRENT INFORMATION. Up-to-date information for Signature Sessions, studio hours, vacation closings, class schedules, holiday cut-offs, you name it. If you need to know it, you can find it on the blog.
MUSINGS. My ramblings on photography, my business, and life.
NEAT STUFF. If I find a really cool something (photography related or not), I'll share it here.
& WHATEVER ELSE I FEEL LIKE. It is my blog after all.

I hope you enjoy and please post your comments. I'm looking forward to the ride.


smooshy face

The title says it all. I loved this smooshy face that D made during a recent Signature Session. It was fun to look at this portraits from last year and see how much older he looks now. Okay, so he's only 3 but 3 is a lot different from 2.

Apr 23, 2007

two boys and a girl

So, maybe it sounds like the title of a movie or a moving company but for this family it's just life. These twin boys were as different as could be but both were as sweet as their big sister. It was great to meet this growing family.

Apr 19, 2007

first contest

So, you made it to the blog. Congratulations. I told you there would be contests and here is the first one. I am changing the wording of "investment" on my site to "pricing" to keep it simple. I think I made all the corrections, but if you find any pages that I missed, please send it my way. Be sure to refresh your pages. If you find "investment" on any of the pages of my site, just send me an email and tell me the pages. The person who finds the most corrections needed will receive bragging rights as the winner of my first contest. I know, I know. But, I've got to start somewhere. Trust me, the prizes will get better. Thanks!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With all of your support in ordering the panel bracelets, we are able to send a check for $260 to Grant's Foundation. Thanks to Dan, Drew, Bernice, Claudia, Tom, Stacey, Gretchen, Sheila, Noelle, Francie, Kelly, Celeste, Tanya, Sheryl, Becky, Brenda, Yolanda & Cindy. I could not have done it without you.

first RRPD post

Okay, so don't get confused by the post below. Yes, you have reached the blog of Rebecca Redman Photography & Design. I registered the name of the blog last August and made a post to see if it worked. I am finally getting around to actively using the blog, so come along for the ride.