Apr 22, 2008


Okay, so I have this thing for Starbucks. I don't even particularly like coffee, but I really enjoy the frou frou coffee drinks that don't really taste like coffee. And because it's such an indulgence (I have a friend who refers to it as Fourbucks) and because it usually means I'm meeting a girlfriend (like Ruth who I just saw today) it is always a treat. I use the bonus points I get from one of my credit cards and redeem them for a Starbucks card so it's almost like it's free! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I register my cards because I tend to lose them and I can get a new one issued and not lose one single tall decaf peppermint mocha with soy, iced. Yep, one of my favorite frou frou drinks. My husband will not order this for me. He just can't bring himself to rattle off the annoyingly long name. Anyway, I have to pay an extra 30 cents for the peppermint (or raspberry, another favorite) and 40 more cents for the soy. Starbucks has started a new offering that if you register your card, you get those extras for free. So, today I saved 30 cents when I ordered my decaf raspberry mocha. So, now I'm using my credit card bonus points for the Starbucks card and using the Starbucks card for the freebie syrup shots and it's like buy 10 get one free. My little indulgence just got a bit sweeter.

Oh, you also get free brewed coffee refills (something my husband can enjoy) and a complimentary tall coffee beverage with the purchase of a whole bean coffee (and now that they have the Pike Place Roast I'll be buying my husband his coffee there and we both get a benefit.)

Cool beans.

Living with Photographs

On to the weekly installment of my super fun video clips. This week ... the staircase.

Apr 16, 2008

first holy communion

I had the privilege of documenting a special time in the lives of these girls and their families ... their First Holy Communion.

It was great to see O. I have photographer her family in the past and also did communion portraits for her two older siblings. I can't believe how grown up she looks here. I still picture O with pigtails!

She brought along her cousin MC and it was great to meet her, too. She looked beautiful in her dress and tiara. Her personality just lit up her portraits.

And we can't forget S. She is one of MC's best friends and I photographed
S's older sister for her communion portraits, too. Her dark hair was lovely against her white dress and she has the sweetest smile.

A big thank you to all of these families for trusting me to document this day. I really enjoy working with older children and on this day, I was able to get a glimpse of the young women they will become. Always a treat!

client spotlight

I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight clients of mine that are making a difference. Meet K and sisters N, C & L.

You've seen their pictures here before, now read about how they are working to help others. For my small part, Rebecca Redman Photography & Design will make a donation for each girl.

from the Observer & Eccentric Newspaper, dated April 13, 2008.

K of Troy knows exactly what will motivate kids to walk three miles for charity.

"Kids listen to other kids. Usually your friends listen to you. They can relate," said the sixth grader from St. Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills. "I haven't done any walks before, but I've dona a lot of school sports."

K is among dozens of children involved in organizing the Kids Helping Kids One Step at a Time walk this month in Birmingham. She, and sixth grader N, are in charge of motivating grade captains at their school, who in turn, enlist other students for the one- to three-mile walk on Sunday, April 27.

"I feel honored to be able to do this. There are 800 kids in my school. I know a lot of the girls in sixth grade. And we have popular grade captains. They talk to a lot of people," said K, who plans to walk three miles. "I think it's important for children to be in charge."

Connie Beckett, a Troy mom and walk organizer, does, too.

She's a volunteer for Variety, the Children's Charity, one of the four organizations that will benefit from the walk. The others, all involved in the Children's Charities Coalition, are The Community House of Birmingham, Orchard's Children's Services, and the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County.

"They had asked me to chair a golf outing and I looked at all the ladies there and said, 'You are missing something here. Everyone has been to a thousand black ties and golf outings. You've got to change your focus, to focus on kids helping kids," Beckett said, recalling a meeting of volunteers.

Beckett ended up handling both the June golf outing and the upcoming walk.

"I'm always trying to find vehicles to show my kids how to give back. I wanted to teach my kids that it didn't matter if you made $20, $2,000 or $2 million a year, you give back," she said. "No one taught me how to give when I was growing up," she said. As a child, Beckett learned that charity meant monetary donations, not physical or mental effort as well.

Her daughters, age 9 and 10, are students at St. Hugo, where "giving back" is a part of the curriculum, Beckett said.

"I was looking for the kids to physically go out there. I wanted the kids to go out there and do something physical," she said, envisioning 1,000 children at the walk.

She also wanted youngsters involved in the planning, giving them an even greater stake in the event.

"We went to the schools and had parent liaisons identify school leaders. Those are the kids who are really pushing this walk," she said. They also chose grade captains at each level in every school they visited.

"They've been spreading the word. They're making buttons, flyers."

Beckett said Radio Disney will be on hand with entertainment and family games, as well as face painters and sports team mascots. Karen Newman will kick off the walk by singing the national anthem.

Participants, including parents, can register in advance or simply show up on walk day.

"The other cool thing is each child will receive a T-shirt and two raffle tickets."

Beckett plans to continue the Kids Helping Kids walk annually.

"It's good for the kids, having them work together," said J, K's mom. "And they truly motivate each other in a way we couldn't. I'm proud of my daughter and I think they'll do well in the walk."

Way to go girls! If you would like to learn more about the cause, check out the site: The Children's Charities Coalition

Apr 12, 2008

a musing

Okay, so I haven't worked this week because my children were home on spring break. I will post from some recent sessions, more of Project 366 and another Living with Photographs clip next week. But, I just got this in my inbox yesterday. A new offering from Wonderful Graffiti. How clever is this?!? I have to come up with some way to use this in my home.

Apr 3, 2008

finally feeling like spring

So, this post has nothing to do with the photos to follow, but just a general rambling about how happy I was to see sunshine this week. Are we actually heading into spring? I got a new spring coat and wore it this week, even when I was freezing, because when I thought about it I realized I had been wearing my same winter coat for almost six months and I needed a change! So, come on spring. Stay sunny and warm for Saturday when I have my first outdoor sessions for 2008. I'll be sure to post those sneak peeks next week. And, I'm firming up a date and details for my first Gallery R session this year. What's Gallery R, you ask? Stay tuned to the blog and find out.

to be 10 again

This session with K was such fun. She is very active in an acting group and was looking for some headshots. We spent some time together, had a great fun and look how beautiful she is. I like how, in the space of a half hour and 10 feet, we were able to get such a variety of looks. Her wardrobe choices worked and I'd love to do more work like this.

K in her video clip

Another video clip. I just think these are so fun for seniors and, apparently, 10 year old headshots.

Living with Photographs

This week we take a look at the hallways because it is the only part of my house that is presentable right now!

Apr 2, 2008

the boy

I can not believe it. The boy turned eight years old today. EIGHT! How does this happen?

The many faces of my favorite boy.