Oct 31, 2008

happy halloween

It's finally here! My kids have been so excited for this day to arrive. The costumes, the candy, being out past dark, the pumpkins ... it's just too much.

I wanted to share some information from a fun little site called Photojojo. It's got fun ideas of crazy things to do with your camera, your photographs, and different techniques to try. It's just fun. Yesterday they posted all about night portraits. It's worth reading before the kids head out tonight. Also, don't be afraid to turn off your flash tonight. Check out these fun photos:

A neighborhood game of flashlight tag. Cute, right!

But, look how fun it is with the flash off.

So be scary this Halloween and try your hand at some night portraits. I'd love to see what you do, so send me your pictures by Wednesday, November 5th and I'll post them to the blog.

Happy Halloween!!

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