Nov 11, 2008

fabulous gift idea

So, I suppose this would fall under 'musings' as it has absolutely nothing to do with photography. I'm always looking for ways to support other women who have started their own businesses. I guess because I know how much work it is. And with the economy the way it is, I'm even more excited when the business is based in Michigan so that we are supporting our neighbors. I was tipped to this fun Etsy shop, Elli Noelle Designs.

A little bio about Rachel.
About Me : I am a wife to a musician and a good one at that :) A mother to 3 Angels. I am using the creative passion God has given me to make unique and fun items to support me so I may stay at home with my children.

And the goodies.
Each and every piece is handcrafted and hand stamped. I do not use presses or machines to create the wording on my jewelry. As such, please note that the differences in the finish and ‘imperfections’ such as floating letters (not perfectly computerized and straight) and the like are part of the inherent character and charm of the piece and should not be considered defects.

I've seen stamped pieces before and I always thing I need them. Wouldn't these make fabulous gifts for all the women on your shopping list? The fact that they are hand-made makes it even more special. So, hop on over to Elli Noelle Designs and start shopping!


The Scotts said...

Gosh Thanks so much for the beautiful post!!! Your to sweet. Did you find me through Jen urbin ?
I'm' so glad your in Michigan I have a link for photographers i love so i will add you to it ;) I'm very careful to not let this take over time with my family as it can do!
Once again thanks for your help on spreading the word of my shop!
Have a blessed day!

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

Hey Rebecca Congratulations! I'm so glad that someone that I know won the contest!!!! How exciting. Aren't Rachel's designs adorable! I met her in September at a Mom 2 Mom sale and fell in love with her jewelry! I'm having a party next Monday the should come and pick out your free stuff. It would be nice to see you. Congrats again!