Aug 10, 2007

up north

If you're from Michigan, you don't need me to say anymore. I was able to get away overnight to Traverse City when my husband attended a conference. We left the kids with grandma, borrowed a friend's convertible and hit the road. I had a few solitary hours while my husband worked and headed out with my camera into downtown Traverse City in the afternoon and then went back to my old stomping grounds in Benzie county the next morning. We spent many a summer at Crystal Lake growing up and I could not be that close to both Gwen Frostic's and The Cherry Hut without stopping by.

In TC I had a Cherry Smoothie from Cherry Republic that had just the right tartness.

I found this neat gallery and purchased some art by Kristen Jongen that just spoke to me. Yes, I actually do have other art besides photographs on my walls.

Scott and I enjoyed a nice dinner together and in the morning, I put the top down and headed to Beulah. The first stop was Gwen Frostic Prints and I had to pick up a few notecards. If you have never heard of this place, it is amazing. Gwen Frostic made all these wood block drawings which were then engraved and made into plates and are pressed onto notecards, napkins, calendars, books, just about anything paper. It really is a neat experience and they still do all the printing in shop. But Gwen is truly remembered for her humanitarian work and her dedication to the environment.

Then I drove by Crystal Lake which is just as beautiful as I remembered. Last stop was to The Cherry Hut where I bought a cherry pie to go.

We had the cherry pie at dinner with the kids and the grandparents and it is just as tasty as I remember. Actually, I don't have to remember too far back. My dad still heads to Beulah every year and picks up a cherry pie for myself and my sisters. He delivers it as he heads back home down I-75 so sometimes it's still warm.

We were just gone over 30 hours but it was a nice reprieve. Amazing how many more pictures I take when I don't have two children in tow.

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