Aug 23, 2007

up north ... take two

So, my kids and I headed up to visit my long lost cousin up north. Seeing as how she had never met my daughter and I had never met either of her two daughters, the trip was long overdue. I bravely began our four hour trek with a vehicle that does not have a DVD player. But, miraculously, the children lived. We had a great time and in just two and a half days we ...

-swam in Lake Charlevoix
-rode my cousin's horse Dallas
-took lots of rides in the golf cart on their property
-walked along Lake Michigan
-fed apples to both Dallas and Gus (that would be my cousin's other horse)
-went to a pizza place with a play area (a first for us)
-saw the drawbridge in Charlevoix open and close
-bought penny candy
-got a cute portrait of the cousins
-and even got cherry soda

I realized this was the first time my kids have ever been up north. On the way there, I was asked if the lake would be frozen and if there'd be snow! Gotta love the way a kid thinks. My cousin was a great host and we had a wonderful time. Just a few more days until school starts up so this was a great way to cap off the summer.

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