Jul 29, 2008

you know we're girls

because we had to get together to talk about stuff we could have easily phoned or emailed about. I'm talking about a great group of local photographers that got together last week. We all met at the I Shot Someone in Detroit workshop and we're trying to have monthly roundtable meetings to work on the business end of our photography businesses. We're pretty darn good at the photography part but since the business part is how we earn a living, we're trying to help and encourage each other out. It's a great feeling to be working with local photographers instead of feeling like we need to compete against each other.

This month we had, from left to right, Jackie of Jackie Blair Photography, me having a bad hair day, Jennifer of J. Urbin Photography, Amy of Lil Sweet Pea Photography, Jen of The Family Room and Sarah of Blink Photography. Anita of Anita J C Photography was there, too, but I forgot to take the photo before she left. Sorry! Looking forward to next month's roundtable. Oh, and boys are welcome, too.

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anita said...

haha. *darn*... i missed being in the photo. =)