Jul 17, 2008

something a little different

Usually I try and post a sneak peek for my clients on the blog. I select a few of my favorites and post with a snippet about the session. Just a little something to hold them over until their full gallery is ready. With the June Gallery R sessions, I put a big rush on the proofs and I didn't even get the chance to do sneak peeks. So, I thought I would take some time now and post a few images from the sessions. I followed the example of Marianne from Marmalade Photography and asked my clients to share their thoughts on the session and their portraits and added a few of my comments in italic. I'll start with Alissa. I've been photographing her family for seven years now and they are just a pleasure to work with. Here are E & A.

My name: Alissa

My occupation: Stay-at-home mom and student

I live in: Birmingham

Alissa is so modest. Her home is fabulously decorated and has such great style, if I may add. And I particularly enjoy seeing photographs from previous sessions when I visit!

A little factoid about me that not many people know about: I was accidentally stabbed in the side by a Bayonette gun held by a war veteran when I was 4 or 5 years old.


One of my fave foods: Mexican

One of my fave brands of kids clothes: Mini Boden

And they also have great photographs in their catalogs. So fun!

Where I like to shop for grown up clothes: Nordstrom's, Banana Republic

When I indulge, I indulge in: Dairy Queen Blizzards

My favorite images from my session with Rebecca and what I feel about this image. I love the two images of Ella and Ava standing in front of the tall grass. In one they are holding hands and dancing, and in the other they have their hands around each other's waist. They look so carefree and happy against the beautiful background setting.

Carefree is exactly the word that describes the first image.

And a few more of my favorites that I couldn't resist sharing.

See you soon!

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