Jul 25, 2008

client faves

Let me take a moment to introduce you to another fabulous client and handsome young man that I have had the privilege of photographing for the last three years.

My name: Claudia

My occupation: Business Operations Coordinator (and mom)

I live in: Lake Orion

A little factoid about me that not many people know about: I had the opportunity to drive cars on the Waterford Hills Race Track, and absolutely loved it........could be a race car driver in my future?

Okay, so I'm picturing Claudia in a racing helmet, gloved hands on the wheel, zooming around the track with a huge smile on her face!

One of my fave foods: any kind of dip

If I didn’t have a child, I’d drive a: Saturn Sky

They are pretty to look at. Plus a convertible is always a bonus.

Since I do have a child, I drive a: Saturn Vue

And it's a cool orange. No soccer-mom-mini-van here.

If I had three hours to myself, with nothing that had to get done, I would: find a Garden Walk and take a tour

My favorite image from my session with Rebecca and what I feel about this image. I can't pick just one image or two. I've had such a tough time selecting photos from the sessions because I love them all. Rebecca manages to capture Derek's personality in every one of them. I even love the images where Derek and I are together (and I'm NOT photogenic). They really show the love that we share.

Claudia is too modest. She looks beautiful in these portraits but I do agree that the love is so obvious.

Can I just insert that I have always wanted a portrait like this of me and my son? It just makes my heart melt.

And a few more of a boy being a boy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful mom and her fabulous son - we love you both! I enjoyed this blog - thanks! Vicky E.