Jun 29, 2008

one month down

Whew. So I have one full month of trainging for the Breast Cancer 3Day behind me. In this month, I walked a total of 77 miles. All of you have supported me in the amount of $505. A new round of thanks goes out to

Sherril & Danny
Dan & Family

I am truly humbled by your generosity and your support of me in this event. I walked the 10 mile route from Rochester Hills to Lake Orion again on Saturday and the second time was easier. Here's a snap of 3/5 of my team when we finished.

On the left is Kristin. Some of you may recognize her as she works with me during the busy season. I'm in the middle and my sister Sarah is on the right. She's just a young thing (15 years younger than me!) so she pumped out her 10 like it was nothing.

Tonight I got the whole family involved. My husband and I walked while the kids rode their bikes. We went 3 miles to a playground, let the kids play, and then headed home and had ice cream. My new recruits were grumbling on the way there but my the time we were heading back, everyone was all giggles. It was a fun night. I hope to have them join me in my short training walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I might need to buy more ice cream!

I was busy this last week proofing all the June Gallery R Sessions but look for some recent images to be posted this week. The June sessions were great and I got to see some terrific clients again and met some new ones. It was a good week.

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Ruth said...

Congrats on the success so far! And getting the family involved - great for everyone! Don't forget to have a little of that ice cream for yourself, too - you deserve it! :)

Thanks for the Google Reader tip - I did it before, stopped, and now I've got it ready again.