Jun 12, 2008

i'm doing the 3Day

Okay. I'm doing it. I'm walking 60 miles over three days the last weekend in September in order to raise funds for breast cancer research. I'm on a team with my friend Kristin, my sisters Sarah and Debbie and Deb's friend Kate. We are the KD Bugs. So, why am I doing it? I don't have breast cancer. None of my four sisters, mom, stepmom, mil, or five aunts have breast cancer. I can't think of one woman in my family who does. But I know of so many friends who have family members trying to beat breast cancer. I've realized that it can affect a whole family. So, I'm walking for every woman, for every man, for every child that is affected by breast cancer. I'm walking to start a healthy change in my own life. I'm walking because I can.

I'm going to be keeping a mileage log on my blog and am hoping that you will be able to contribute money to our team. In order to participate in the 3Day walk our team needs to raise $11,000. Now, in this economy I know that seems crazy. It is crazy. So, I'm hoping you all get a little crazy with me. Every donation will help. $1, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even more. I will appreciate every penny that is donated towards breast cancer research.

So, keep me accountable. Make sure I'm training. Tell everyone you know. With a quick click on the little white envelope below the post you can email this post to friends and family. I can't be shy in asking for donations. We've got to raise $11,000 so I'll take it where we can get it. I've included a donation button in the menu to your right. Just click it and it will take you to my fundraising page. I'll be sure to keep you up to date on the progress. And I truly appreciate your donations. THANK YOU!

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