Jun 19, 2008

got to play with my own kids

As part of the workshop on Wednesday, I brought my two in to be models and actually got to photograph them myself, too. I put a whole bunch together in a fun Animoto clip. And check out how that fish-eye lens makes me look thinner. I definitely need to get me one of those.

Okay, the clip has music so if you're at work, turn the volume down. If you're at home, pump it up and be prepared for some visual overload! I'll post some individual pics later. But keep this in mind as the next Gallery R Session will be Urban.


Cindy said...

Okay the movie/slideshow is so great! Sorry I missed you in A2! The pics I've seen so far are really incredible. I had the best time -thanks for letting me in on it all!

Ruth said...


Jen said...

They're great Rebecca!! You're very talented with the tweens!

I'm sad I didn't go to AA with you all. It was so nice to meet you earlier in the week!