Apr 22, 2008


Okay, so I have this thing for Starbucks. I don't even particularly like coffee, but I really enjoy the frou frou coffee drinks that don't really taste like coffee. And because it's such an indulgence (I have a friend who refers to it as Fourbucks) and because it usually means I'm meeting a girlfriend (like Ruth who I just saw today) it is always a treat. I use the bonus points I get from one of my credit cards and redeem them for a Starbucks card so it's almost like it's free! Well, not really, but you know what I mean. I register my cards because I tend to lose them and I can get a new one issued and not lose one single tall decaf peppermint mocha with soy, iced. Yep, one of my favorite frou frou drinks. My husband will not order this for me. He just can't bring himself to rattle off the annoyingly long name. Anyway, I have to pay an extra 30 cents for the peppermint (or raspberry, another favorite) and 40 more cents for the soy. Starbucks has started a new offering that if you register your card, you get those extras for free. So, today I saved 30 cents when I ordered my decaf raspberry mocha. So, now I'm using my credit card bonus points for the Starbucks card and using the Starbucks card for the freebie syrup shots and it's like buy 10 get one free. My little indulgence just got a bit sweeter.

Oh, you also get free brewed coffee refills (something my husband can enjoy) and a complimentary tall coffee beverage with the purchase of a whole bean coffee (and now that they have the Pike Place Roast I'll be buying my husband his coffee there and we both get a benefit.)

Cool beans.

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Ruth said...

"Cool beans" ... nice ending! :) It was great to meet up with you today! We'll have to do it again... in less than 2 years this time!