Apr 3, 2008

finally feeling like spring

So, this post has nothing to do with the photos to follow, but just a general rambling about how happy I was to see sunshine this week. Are we actually heading into spring? I got a new spring coat and wore it this week, even when I was freezing, because when I thought about it I realized I had been wearing my same winter coat for almost six months and I needed a change! So, come on spring. Stay sunny and warm for Saturday when I have my first outdoor sessions for 2008. I'll be sure to post those sneak peeks next week. And, I'm firming up a date and details for my first Gallery R session this year. What's Gallery R, you ask? Stay tuned to the blog and find out.


Ruth said...

Hopefully it won't be long until that new spring coat will be all you need outside! I love the picture of the thaw here... very nice!

And again, happy 8th birthday, Andrew! (I can't believe how quickly our kids grow up! Weren't they just toddlers a short time ago?!? LOL)

Rebecca said...

Ruth, I saw all that mist steaming up off the melting snow and tried to capture it. I'm glad you liked it.

Cindy said...

I love this idea - I have a point and shot that I only take the cheesy pics of kids with - but what a great way to challenge your self with the ease of the smaller camera and just create great composition / story telling.


Rebecca said...


I know. It forces me to look at my image in a different way, knowing the limitations of my camera. But I am enjoying the process. Rebecca