Apr 3, 2008

Living with Photographs

This week we take a look at the hallways because it is the only part of my house that is presentable right now!


Ruth said...

I love that gallery wall of the family! It's interesting... if I never saw that, the thought alone would be a bit intimidating. How would I line them up? Do they have to be matching frames? What about color photos? How do I arrange the frames? But you delved into the challenge & showed us that it doesn't have to be complicated! It works! Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Ruth, I'm glad you like the ideas. If you wanted to do all color photos in your gallery then I would suggest doing the same frame (I'm thinking a simple black or white frame) to give the images some cohesion. In this case, the black and white photographs tie together and I could play around a bit with the frames.

Cindy said...

I'm just getting caught up with your blog and this is fantastic. I've always thought you've had the best ideas about displaying your work - Thanks for always inspiring-But you have'nt shown my favorite portraits that are in your home yet - Can I make a request? Think "stairs" - Glad to see your video taping too.

Rebecca said...


Okay. The stairs will be next. I did not blog at all this week because I was 'closed' for spring break.