Mar 6, 2008

still snapping

More snapshots into my life. You can tell that the little miss and I hang out together a lot as she is in most of my photos, these days. I already have mixed feelings about her starting kindergarten next year and it's still six months away. Just feeling like I want to soak up every minute of her joy while I can. Of course, there are times where I can't stand one more second of her 'joy'ness and need a break, but overall I truly can't get enough of her. Okay, enough mommy talk. On with the photos. Lots of color ones this time probably due to the fact that it is grey enough outside these days. Come on, spring!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca, So I read your blog...just so you know. But I was interested in the R you did. I know you siad you changes it a little but I wanted to look up the artist and can't seem to find the info you gave before. Can you send it to me again.

Rebecca said...


I used Wonderful Graffiti. Google them and you'll find them easily. I ordered a monogram decal and then applied it to a stretch canvas I picked up at Jo-Anne's.

Glad you're reading the blog and commenting!