Oct 20, 2007

Open House this Wednesday, October 24th

Well, I'm having a Open House (literally) on Wednesday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. I am going to try and have all my rooms picked up and doors open so that you can see how I live with my portraits. I can't guarantee that my son's room will be presentable, but I will try. I decided to host the Open House to help my current clients determine their orders. I think this would be especially useful if you have a family gallery in mind or not even sure what a family gallery is! I will have samples of the coffee table books I offer, too. Not really tons of product to look at, just a chance to peruse my walls and tables to see how I display my portraits in hopes of inspiring you. If you're one of my Holiday Joy clients, let me know you're stopping by and I'll print out a reference sheet of your proofs for us to look at together. But even if you aren't placing an order right now, you are more than welcome to stop by, say "hi" and take a look.

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