Oct 11, 2007

holiday deadlines and panel bracelets

Just so you are in the know.

All orders must be placed by Friday, November 2nd to ensure delivery for the holidays. Any orders placed after this date will incur a 50% rush fee in order to ensure holiday delivery (when possible.) Just this week I have received three inquiries about the panel bracelets. This happens every year. I get calls coming in November and December with people wanting to order bracelets. That is just too late. If you plan on ordering a panel bracelet or know friends who have been thinking about it, please let them know of the holiday deadline to avoid any rush fee and get your order in as soon as possible. And if you haven't thought about ordering a panel bracelet, you really should. They make super gifts for grandmas, teachers, girlfriend and even you!

Six images are highlighted in a classy, antiqued silver finish bracelet. There are three styles: vertical frame, horizontal frame and square frame and three sizes: 6.5 ", 7" and 7.75". There is also a new, four frame style that can be ordered with black beads. Bracelets are priced at $60 each. Shipping is 3% of the total order ($5 minimum) and 6% MI sales tax is added to each order. Rebecca converts all pictures to black and white, sizes them to fit the bracelet, laminates the pictures, and assembles the bracelet. Rebecca is able to use photographs from your session or photographs that you supply to her. All photographs will be returned with your bracelet. If using your own photographs, they must be 8 x 10 or smaller and Rebecca can also work with emailed pictures. If they are copyrighted images, then you must have written permission from the photographer for Rebecca to be able to use them. If you (or someone else) paid for a picture, chances are it is copyrighted. Rebecca has a form that you can present to your photographer to request permission for her to use the images. Most copyrighted images, such as school pictures, will have copyright information on the back of them.

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