Oct 8, 2007

hot, hot, hot

So, the weatherman was right and we had record temperatures this last weekend. A big thank you to all of my clients who braved the hot weather in their fall sweaters. On the way home Sunday, I noticed the temperature (according to my car) was 93! I had to document that. So, here is the evidence. Not bad considering I was going about 72 mph at the time. And, yes, I know it was 72 (Hah, as it was pointed out to me, I was actually going about 69 or so. I must have braked and not yet resumed my cruising speed. I know I was making sure that no one was around me in case I swerved a bit. Also didn't want to startle anyone who might see me looking through my lens and not at the road. Anyway the rest of my ramblings still hold true.) because I always use my cruise control. Always. It drive my husband absolutely batty but for me it's just one less distraction while I am driving. I usually have two distractions in the backseat so every little bit helps.

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