Sep 1, 2007

last hurrah

Whew. The kids are almost back in school. This weekend is the last for lots of things:

TV in the morning
swimming at the pool
staying up late
sleeping in late
ice cream for dinner (well, we might still do that on occasion!)
playing in the sprinklers
no routine

I forgot how hectic this week before school is!!! I even forgot to post to the blog at all last week. Also, I am very behind on phone calls to clients. If you have emailed or called me this last week, I apologize for the delay. I will get back to you next week once the kiddos are in school. But, if you have time, run to The Children's Place this weekend. The whole store is 25% off plus if you have ever bought anything there, you probably have a coupon that was recently mailed to you. Grandma took the grandkids shopping and they both got a back-to-school outfit. Look how fun! Okay, so this totally goes against the "rules" for portrait clothing but that's the beauty of scheduling a fun Signature Session. With the lower fee structure, you can afford to have a little bit of fun. If you are gearing up for your Holiday Joy session, think layers and textures. Go all out! It will be great.

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