Jul 24, 2007

Want to save almost a thousand dollars?

Got your attention didn't I? Hang in there and I'll explain how.

Momma needs a new bag! So, it's almost that time to be thinking about back to school and all the appropriate supplies needed. Your kids will probably be getting a new backpack so don't you think it's time you indulged yourself a little? For the August Signature Sessions on Saturday, August 11th a very special offering of Gina Alexander Photo Handbags will be available. And to make it even better I will be offering some incentives based on the number of sessions booked. I want to book 10 sessions so be sure to send the information to your best girlfriends and get ready to be a super-chic momma. You could all get the same style and start your own Gina club or you can talk it out and each get the individual style that suits you best. You know you want one. You know you deserve it. So, here's how I can save you some cash.

Remember, the goal here is a full day of 10 sessions.

4 or more sessions booked for the day = complimentary upgrade of your lining to the candy-stripe lining ($12 value)

7 or more sessions booked for the day = a drawing where one lucky momma will receive a matching photo charm ($65 value)

10 sessions booked for the day = a drawing where one lucky momma will receive a print credit equal to her session fee (up to a $345 value)

Now typically you would have scheduled a commissioned portrait session ($300) and have to buy the digital file for use on the handbag ($180) and pay shipping ($13.50) and then place the order yourself!!! but with the Signature Session, there is only a $50 flat session fee added to the price of the handbag so that is another savings of $443.50.

And as always, refer a friend who books an August Signature Session and receive one complimentary 8 x 10 enlargement from your own August Signature Session ($60 value)

You add that all up: $12 + $65 + $345 + $443.50 + $60 and you have a potential savings of $912, and a great new handbag to boot.

There are four styles to order. Click on each one to view larger.

The Audrey $345

The Black & White Candy Bag $335

The Fairfax $275

The Classic Medium Handbag $230

Call or email me today with any questions and/or to schedule your August Signature Session. I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful children and I know they'll look fabulous on your new custom handbag that tells everyone how very proud you are of your children.

Please note: due to the custom nature of the photo handbags, turnaround time is 6-8 weeks from when the order is placed. So, your new handbag should be ready by the end of October. I know that is a long wait, but trust me, it will be worth it!

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