Jul 31, 2007

I'm styling

I can't believe I was included in an article featuring "fashionable" photographers and what we wear to photograph our clients! This hip magazine out of Miami, has really been an inspiration for me and where the industry is going. You can find the online article at Design Aglow...Right Here! And here is the direct link to yours truly. I think it was really more of a, "hey lady, you could use a makeover so we'll give you a prize to get you started", kind of thing, but I don't care. And I don't care that it is just an Honorable Mention. I won something. Woo hoo!

Now, I will admit that after seeing how stylish the other photographers were, I felt this sudden urge to run to the store and buy something more fun and stylish for my portrait session tomorrow. But impulse buying is bad. I came home with four pairs of shoes and two tops. I've already narrowed it down to one pair of shoes and one shirt (that I won't even be able to wear tomorrow because it will be too hot) but I'm still looking for a polka-dotted skirt! .

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