Jul 16, 2007

just to share

So, I stumbled across this great gift gallery in Berkley about 5 years ago (maybe more?!?). It's called Catching Fireflies. It has wonderful handmade paper art frames and all kinds of really cool stuff.

I was really excited to see that they opened a second store in downtown Rochester recently. Imagine my delight as seeing a Year of Catching Fireflies gift card in my son's school's Silent Auction. I quietly circled and didn't mention it to anyone and bid on it and won. So, I have a $10 gift card that I can spend each month for the next year. In June I bought a beautiful cross sun-catcher and just this month I bought this groovy pill case.

The owner, April, keeps a blog of all the fun products and happenings at the store and special coupons. So, if you get a chance, they are on 12 Mile in Berkley or University in Rochester. The next time you are looking for a great gift for someone (even if that someone is yourself!) check them out. Let them know I sent you. With me going in there once a month, I am bound to make friends! They were also voted the Best Gift Gallery by Hour Magazine, if that's important to you. I'm thinking about this apron for next month! What do you think?

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