Sep 18, 2009

time-lapse video

Saw this time-lapse video last week when I was blog hopping. Thought I would share it here because I think the idea of time-lapse photography is pretty cool and the mural is pretty great. I'm always impressed with artists.

An introduction:

The “video” is really a series of photographs, one taken every 30 seconds and played back at 24 photo’s a second. A total of 6,357 photo’s were taken, representing over 54 hours of work.

Th Big Boy Room from Creede on Vimeo.

The video was originally posted on Grassroots Modern, which is a new blog I just found and am really enjoying. As much as I love our new home, I've already told Scott that our next home is going to be modern. He wasn't sure what I met, but he thought it sounded expensive. It probably is, but a girl can dream. I've bookmarked this site, Hometta, on Modern Home House Plans for when we're ready.


Bunchy said...

That video is so amazing. I'm always in awe when people have such incredible talent like that.

Rebecca said...

Me, too. I could never do that kind of art work. To watch how he comes in with set colors, going back in with the black, etc. So impressive.