Sep 16, 2009

The Perfect Picture Wall

I've had this site bookmarked for a long time:

The Perfect Picture Wall

From the site:

What is it?

Simply revolutionary!

ThePerfectpicturewall™series1000 is a complete system for hanging the enclosed 10 picture frames quickly and precisely anywhere in your home or business. It uses our revolutionary and Patented "Pre-View” Template technology allowing you to determine placement, height and character of frames all without measuring and before the first hook is ever entered into your wall.

The easy to use templates safely adhere to any surface allowing you to “Pre-View” what the frames will look like prior to hanging them.

The templates also have a unique leveling system so that all frames will be accurately positioned and level every time. The “Pre-View” templates can be moved multiple times to different locations, above a buffet or couch, around a corner or up the stairs until you are completely satisfied with the location. Apply in just moments what formerly took hours of tedious trial and error! You only need a hammer, everything else is included.

No measuring, figuring or fuss and…no mistakes!

Every detail has been carefully considered. ThePerfectpicturewall™ is architecturally designed to fit industry building standards for walls and stair cases. Additional sets of ThePerfectpicturewall™ can be added to accommodate larger walls and staircases.

Select from a variety of finishes and frame widths to suit any Classic or Contemporary setting.

Classic or Contemporary settings…the possibilities are endless!

I think it's an absolutely fantastic idea. The frames and templates allow you to easily create a perfectly polished photo gallery. You can even buy them 'preloaded' with images. How great are these?

I'm particularly drawn to this gallery that is on the vertical, versus horizontal.

I know. This is something that you could do yourself. But, I've been around the block a few times when it comes to buying and hanging frames and I cannot tell you how much this product inspires me. There's something to be said for the convenience of having it all worked out for you.

Has anyone used this product? I'd love to know your thoughts.


Danielle and Clint said...

I LOVE groupings of photographs like this! Always looks nice

Rebecca said...

Me, too! And this system makes it seem pretty fool-proof. I think when you consider the cost of frames, it is quite reasonable.

Debbie said...

I've seen those kits at Kohl's and thought they were brilliant. However, I have about 15 frames in my basement that I need to use... Have you seen any sites that help you organize frames you already have?

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Yes. Pottery Barn is great for this. Check out this link: