Sep 28, 2009

my husband rocks!

Okay, just a true fact.

My husband rocks! He really does. I'm trying to make some plans to have his upcoming birthday be really special for him. Not that he cares, but because I want him to know how much I appreciate him. I'm thinking that as long as there is chocolate involved, he will be happy.

But thinking about how great he is reminded me of this site, Union 28, that I found awhile back that celebrates marriage. Too often, it's easy to focus on the negative aspects of any relationship and I like it that this couple chose to celebrate each other.

Union28 (formerly From*me Tees) was started by a married couple who knows what it is like to work through hard stuff and yet stay together and stay committed, choosing to forgive and be forgiven, only to grow in our love for each other MORE through it all.

One of the great and wonderful mysteries of life is that loving each other in action--what we do and say--produces romance. Everything in our culture today teaches the opposite, that romance turns into love, but nothing could be further from the truth. Love is a choice and we decide how we're going to treat each other in the good and in the not-so-good times. What a hope-giving reality that a strong, loving, thriving relationship can be built, simply by changing how we interact with our spouse.

So, do you love someone who rocks? Would you be proud or embarassed to wear a tee proclaiming it to everyone?


Ruth said...

Ooooh, I really like these! :)

Anonymous said...

Uhmm. I'm a guy. I would def have to say no to the shirts. sorry. not something a guy wants to wear. It might as well say i'm wipped. *Maybe* around the house..but thats it :)

Rebecca said...

Hey Anonymous Guy. I see your point. Kinda of. I wonder why our society has to view a man who loves his wife as a negative thing? I think you can love your wife, think she 'rocks', and still be a strong man. That being said, I am 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% sure my husband would not wear a shirt like this and I know I rock his world. Hee hee.