Sep 5, 2008


So, we had a WONDERFUL visit to my uncle's home in Beulah. He was a superb host and my kids loved the lakes and his great cooking. A very special treat was a day spent tooling around in a pontoon boat on beautiful Crystal Lake. We did all the up north stuff - a visit to Gwen Frostic, a pie from The Cherry Hut, breakfast at The Brookside, overlook of the breakers at Frankfort, splashed in Lake Michigan at Point Betsie - and enjoyed every moment of it. A few shots from our too short visit. You know we'll be back!

Ah, lovely Beulah.

Andrew is an expert marshmallow roaster. Seriously! Perfectly brown every time. I guess he has the patience for it. And Sarah just has fun with it.

Felt like we were eating in a tree house on the deck of The Brookside.

The kids' first visit to Gwen's. We bought stationery, of course!

And in case you were wondering, JATOMBO is no urban legend. It was verified by a very good source.

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