Sep 5, 2008

the 3Day is getting closer!

The 3Day is just three weeks from today! I'm just at half way for my $2200 goal and I am praying the the rest of the donations will come in. Over Labor Day weekend, we had some huge training walks. On Saturday, I walked 16 miles with my team mate (and sister) Sarah and Misty, a close friend who is also doing the 3Day. We wound our way through Rochester Hills, stopping at Cosi for lunch. We also stopped at a gas station around mile 12 and had THE best candy bars of our life.

Then on Sunday, it was even better. This time, my team mate Kristin was also walking and we had all of the families out to Stoney Creek for the day to get our 18 miles in.

Misty, myself, Kristin and Sarah

We walked the first lap as a family with Andrew and Sarah on their bikes. The little missy made it just over 5 miles before she tired out. The boy had no problem and went ahead with a dad who was jogging the 6.2 mile loop. We took a short snack break and the walkers headed out for the second loop. Upon entering 'camp' our families had dinner waiting for us.

We ate, drank and took our shoes off for a bit. We started out on the third lap. We got a later start than we anticipated so we ended up finishing after dark. Walking over 18 miles sounds miserable, but I actually enjoyed the camaraderie of the day and was genuinely overcome by the support of my family. As I said, we ended up walking the last bit when it was dark and I hear this, "Yay, Mom!" off to the side. There were my husband and kids in the car making sure we were okay and safe. They followed us back to our starting point, lighting the way down our final path. We actually jogged the whole last stretch of the walk.

It was a great day and even though I now fully realize how difficult the actual walk will be, and how painful it is to walk with blisters, I am encouraged by how great I'll feel at the task we are accomplishing and the cause we are supporting. Blisters and all.

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