Feb 27, 2008

my wonderful graffiti

So, if you remember one of my musings

Wonderful Graffiti

is a website with cool wall decor. I purchased a few things during their January Write Sale and have them proudly displayed. Here they are:

My family wall in the living room, notice the R monogram. I actually got a bit inventive here. I saw on their site some canvas items but didn't care for the monogram they offered on canvas. So, I ordered the monogram I liked and then applied it to a square canvas that I picked up from a craft store. I like to break up my photographs with other items and on this wall the monogram canvas and the clock do the trick. The big question ... does the R stand for Redman or Rebecca? Hmmm.

And these care labels have got to be one of my favorites! They just happened to fit perfectly under my cabinets once I decided to wrap the icons around each corner. I think they blend in nicely with the metal laundry sign and handprinted photo art by local artist Siouxsan Miller that I already had in the room. Actually makes the laundry a bit more fun as I smile when I see them. Now, can anyone tell me what the P icon means? I'm stumped.

I'm especially proud of the fact that I did all this by myself. I even had to get out a hammer and level for the laundry room.If you know how handy I am around the house, you know it is a big feat.

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