Feb 21, 2008

Isabelle Chase winter sale

I just received word from Isabelle Chase Studios of a special Winter Sale for the next 48 hours. Isabelle Chase Studios' photo jewelry line was created based on a simple philosophy -- that photo jewelry should be beautiful. Isabelle Chase Studios' success can be attributed to the fact that the designs in and of themselves stand out as elegant jewelry. Founder and designer, Lisa Frankel, brings a different sensibility to her designs than is normally seen in photo jewelry. Taking her 15 years' experience as a jewelry designer, she began applying it to her photo jewelry creations, turning them into personalized works of art. It is Lisa's philosophy that if the jewelry is designed and crafted using the highest quality materials so that it is beautiful on its own, from any angle, then adding your treasured photos will only elevate the appeal of the piece. It is this creative philosophy that explains why Isabelle Chase Studios' designs attract and are worn by even those who thought they would never wear photo jewelry. Lisa's insistence on using only high quality materials and her devotion to creating inspired designs have resulted in a unique line of photo jewelry that is second to none.

All 2007 clients are invited to order. The Winter Sale offers 15% off every piece of jewelry and I am passing that savings directly to you. Here are a few of my favorite pieces, with the Winter Sale pricing, including shipping. Please note, these images are taken directly from the ICS site and the photographs do not represent my own work.

Vintage Cuff $245

Noce Necklace $175

Antique Charm Necklace $130 - I own this piece and wear it tons!

Simple Tile Necklace $120 - the ICS classic that started it all.

Leather Bangle $120 - I might have to get one of these for myself!

There are simply too many items for me to showcase here, but please visit the site. Isabelle Chase Studios If you see something you like, simply call or email me for pricing.

Orders must be placed and paid for by 2:00 PM on Friday, February 22nd in order to receive the Winter Sale pricing. Don't delay!

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