Mar 14, 2011

I'm doing it ...

I've had this idea percolating around in my head for the past year or so to do something different with this blog. You can see my original post here. Wow, time really flies. But now is the time to put some legs to this dream. To put my neck out there. To be stretched by God. For now, I am only going to commit to two posts a week. One will be taking a look at my walk with Jesus. The other will be some kind of photography related post. Yeah, nothing like drawing two completely different audiences. I'm sure this is a really bad idea. But, it's my idea. And I'm running with it.

So, to that end, I am applying for a scholarship to She Speaks, a conference to grow and stretch women who feel called to share Jesus. Here's what I wrote for the scholarship, so might as well share it with all (I think at least one person still reads this blog) of you.

Oh, and I can not post with out a photo so here's one for you.

I am officially a crazy, Christian girl sold out completely to Jesus Christ.

~ Your speaking dream–when it began; where it is now.

Wow. Nothing like starting off with a prompt that will make me bare my soul. Just the idea of having a dream is scary. The idea of actually going after that dream can paralyze me. But, in the last few years I have felt a prompting from God to reach out to other women with God’s truth. I went from being a participator to leading, leaning on God throughout the process. It seems as though through every day life happenings, I see Jesus in them. I am becoming a crazy, Christian girl and couldn’t be happier. I want to share that with other. I want Christian women to see Jesus in their every day lives. To experience Jesus daily. To get a little crazy in the eyes of the world. There is nothing better than having a close, intimate relationship with God.

~ Where is my dream right now?

Well, this post is the first step at making this dream a reality. I had a blog for years with my photography business and now I’m feeling led to use that space on the web for God’s business. I keep coming up with reasons not to pursue my dream. Who will read my blog? What will I say? I’m no Bible expert. Blah. Blah. Blah. I’m going to start pursuing my dream, or is it a calling, today. To take a line from Facing The Giants – my job is to do my best and leave the results up to God. I won’t fear of failure. My dream is to blog with purpose. I’ll leave the results up to God.

~What it is you feel God calling you to speak on:

I definitely feel led to speak to women. Not so much on any one topic, but just living a daily walk with Jesus. On seeing Jesus in the every day. I struggled for so many years about worrying whether my actions were lining up with God’s will or not. I’ve realized that my focus was off. My focus needs to be on knowing God better and as a result, my actions will line up with his will. I want my blog to be an encouragement to women in their every day lives. As a Christian wife and mother, there are so many ways to be discouraged. I want to be a voice of encouragement. A voice of friendship. A been there-done that-or in the midst of it right now. I want women to know they are not alone in this walk with Jesus. The other piece of the puzzle is how to incorporate my photography into my blog. My photography is such an extension of who I am that I know it will need to be a part of my blog for my blog to feel real. See, I just gave myself another excuse for not pursuing my dream! Well, I am going to get over myself and try a few things and see what happens.

~Finally—and now this will be a stretch for some of you—why should I choose you to win this scholarship?

Honestly. I need someone to push my out of my comfort zone. I need someone to make me put some legs to my dream. I need someone to start me through this process. You should choose me because I would have never chosen myself to be used by God, to blog about being a crazy, Christian girl, to encourage women in their spiritual lives. Yet, that’s exactly what I feel God is whispering into my heart. So, with a trembling heart I pray – choose me.

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