May 19, 2008

tee ball

So, baseball and tee ball are pretty much consuming our lives right now. Here's a few snaps of my daughter in her first season of tee ball. She really needs a lot of help but is having just the best time. And that's what it's all about when you're five. There are way too many snaps here, but I couldn't seem to narrow it down. I probably could have taken about a hundred snaps of her in the catcher gear!


Cindy said...

These are so cute, I remember the ones you took of Andrew, I saw them somewhere. I have yet to take any of my son - I don't even think I took any last summer. Sports action shots are not my thing but your giving me ideas. THnks for sharing.

Rebecca said...


Make them your thing. Seriously, get your longest lens, zoom it all the way and get in there. It's pretty fun. I'm sure any picture you take will be better than no picture at all.