May 29, 2008

one year ... exactly

Little miss L was fortunate enough that her first birthday fell on a Gallery R date. This was one of those sessions where on the surface it would have seemed that we didn't get anything. L was perfectly happy until we decided to start taking her picture. Then she promptly decided not to be happy anymore. But her smart momma knew from past sessions with L's brother that we always get the perfect shot. I know she wonders how that happens, but it does. This session was no different. But this brings to mind another reason that makes this momma smart. She left L's brother at home. Now, that might seem a bit unfair, but really, it isn't. The Gallery R sessions are structured and priced to focus on an individual. So, this momma recognized that this was an important time in her daughter's life and let her be the star. Maybe in the future, big brother Z will get his own special day. He is on the brink of an important time in his life ... starting kindergarten.

May I introduce you to L on her first birthday. Thanks for celebrating with me!

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