Dec 16, 2007

amy's q & a

First name & city: Amy, Royal Oak

How many children, first names and ages: 2, Lilly 2, Collin 6 months

What's on the top of your holiday wish list? Nano

What's on the top of your children's wish lists? Pink Toys, Binkie

The gift you are most excited to give: Digital KID Camera I'll have to watch out for the competition

What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Driving to NY (I love road trips)

Black Friday- are you out before 6 am? No

Shopping- stores, online or both? Both

One store getting a lot of your business for gifts this holiday season: Target I have found the only way not to buy something at Target is to walk in with out my wallet!

Favorite holiday food? Cookies

Favorite places to go with your children in the winter months: ????

What was the last book you read to your children? Fidgety Fish

What's on your nightstand? Lamp

What are your favorite websites or blogs to visit? Children's Clothing Stores

What are your 3 favorite local restaurants? Big Rock, Royal Oak Brewery, and Vinsetta Grill

What is your favorite Salon? Cole Street

And last but not least, what do you *love* about Rebecca Redman Photography & Design? Her personality and her love for children

This year I had the privilege of photographing both C & L twice. Once when C was born ...

and big sister L was celebrating her 2nd birthday ...

and then one more time in the fall ...

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