Nov 1, 2007

What a great night

I think this was one of the best Halloween's (weather-wise) we have had in a few years. With the later time change this year, it did feel a bit off to start out when it was still light. But my kids didn't mind and I actually got a few pictures of them in their costumes before it got too dark. I always make a pot-luck dinner and this year the kids made some yummy, mummy English muffin pizzas. My son was NASCAR driver Tony Stewart (who is #20, same as his number at school) and my daughter was a unicorn. And I only wore the pink beehive to keep me warm. Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Oh, and if I can take just a minute to brag on my husband. I asked him on Tuesday if he would be up for carving pumpkins with the kids that night while I taught my class. I don't think we have ever carved pumpkins with the kids because I always forget about it until it is too late. He agreed and Sarah and I headed up to the grocery store and were going to pick up the pumpkins while we were there. Well, it was the day before Halloween and all the pumpkins were gone. I did not have time to go anywhere else. My husband got home, I apologized about not getting the pumpkins and ran out the door to teach my class at 6:30. I just assumed it would be another pumpkin-less Halloween for us. When I got home, he said, "Did you see the pumpkins?" I could not believe it. Not only did they go get the pumpkins, he cleaned them all out, helped the kids carve them and had both children in bed by 8:00. My hero. And my kids', too!

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