Nov 20, 2007

my baby boy

As some of you know, my son played flag football this year. He absolutely loved it. And we thoroughly enjoyed watching him play. He seems to be finding his niche on defense. Well, on Sunday, the team was playing in a tournament. Here is the boy at 8:00 AM, just before we left the house. Notice the waiver on the island in front of him that he had just signed.

And here is the boy one hour later. In the hospital with a broken bone.

We got to the field about 8:45 am, he started warming up with his team and then we hear screaming. And as he is running towards us his hand is flopping around in a way that is not natural. His coach checked and sure enough, he had a break. We rushed to the ER which was just about 2 minutes away and just prayed.

He did break a bone in his arm, just above his wrist. My brave boy had to endure the pain of a broken arm, the scariness of his first IV, and be patient as we languished in the ER. Finally he was given some morphine and the nice sleepy drug and I watched two grown men push and pull and exert and push and pull some more as they got his bones back into place. Here is the boy waking up, totally in shock of the cast, and telling me I had four eyes and wondering if I was the 'real mommy.'

After about a 5 hour stay, we were on our way home.

It broke my heart but I was so proud of him. He was quite the trooper and still loves football and can't wait until the spring season.

For now, he has a long cast on for about 4-6 weeks and then if all is healing well, he will get a short cast for a couple more weeks. You gotta love him.

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