Jun 26, 2007

five blessed bows

Okay, here is one of my musings. I have been on the hunt for white grosgrain ribbon bows for my daughter. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to find ... but it was. My sister told me about Five Blessed Bows so I checked it out. Totally cute bows. They have about six different styles (loopy, corkers, twisters, you name it) and tons of color combinations. Of course, you can even custom pick your colors. I ordered those white grosgrain ribbon bows (plus a bunch more) and they came pretty quickly and are so cute. So, check them out. And if you do order, be sure to click their 'referral' link and send them an email letting them know that I referred you. I can earn some credit towards free bows. Oh, and just for reference, I order all my bows in the 3 inch size. They go up to 5" but I was afraid at that size, my daughter's head would keep flopping over from the weight! Oh, and my sister swears by the baby grippers. They stay in that fine baby hair and don't fall out ... really!

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