Apr 19, 2007

first contest

So, you made it to the blog. Congratulations. I told you there would be contests and here is the first one. I am changing the wording of "investment" on my site to "pricing" to keep it simple. I think I made all the corrections, but if you find any pages that I missed, please send it my way. Be sure to refresh your pages. If you find "investment" on any of the pages of my site, just send me an email and tell me the pages. The person who finds the most corrections needed will receive bragging rights as the winner of my first contest. I know, I know. But, I've got to start somewhere. Trust me, the prizes will get better. Thanks!


dtdandl said...

congrats on your first blog.

you're somebody now.


dan d.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Dan. All it took was a blog? Who knew. I should have done it earlier.