Apr 11, 2011

Monday Minute: Camera Lingo Necklaces

I want one of these.

Buy the Camera Lingo Necklaces at the Photojojo Store!

And if you don't know what this is in reference to, then you're not as cool as I thought you were and your pictures are probably not as good as they could be. And yes, that is rather snarky of me but it's Monday morning and I slept lousy last night. We had this crazy, windy rain and lightening storm that kept me up all night. And then we overslept because the power went out. And that's my excuse.

But seriously, I think after I save a few pennies, this will be a little splurge that I use my allowance on. I think I'm a big enough dork to pull it off. And it would look super cute with a few of these ...

Buy the Lens Bracelets at the Photojojo Store!

photos courtesy of Photojojo

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