Oct 26, 2009

future me

So, if you could write a note to yourself to read in one year or 5 years or 10 years, what would you say? Well, here's your chance.

Future Me. Org

From the site:
here's the story:
two fellas started this here site so that you could write yourself a letter to be delivered at a later date. we've all had to do them in high school and college. it's sorta cool to receive a letter from yourself about where you thought you'd be a year (two years? more?) later. FutureMe.org is based on the principle that memories are less accurate than emails. we strive for accuracy.

I've thought about doing this. I think I would like to send one to my kids that they could read on their 18th birthday or some other significant milestone. Maybe I'll send one to myself to read on my 50th birthday or 25th anniversary. Or maybe a mission statement for our family for one year from now and see how we're doing?

What do you think? Is this a cool site or a waste of time?

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Debbie said...

That is super awesome cool. I'm going to do it.