Jul 2, 2009

just one shot

Sometimes, all you need is one shot. We took a day trip into Philly and as we were walking into Betsy Ross's home, my son pointed out, "That's a big tree." As I was walking, I looked up, snapped the picture and walked in the house.

Fuji FinePix F50fd
Shutter Speed: 1/90 s
Exposure Program: Normal Program
F-Stop: f 2.8
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 8.0 mm (35 mm)
Flash: Fired

Looking back over the photos from the trip, I enjoyed this one. I thought the angle of shooting up into the tree made it look large and looming. I also incorporated the rule of thirds in this image. With the rule of thirds, you imagine dividing the horizontal and vertical into thirds and placing a point of interest at one of the intersections. In this case, the trunk of the branch runs along a vertical third and then the branches run along a horizontal third.

Since I was happy with this straight out of camera crop, I wondered which I would prefer ... color or black and white. For the color, I played with the curves and for the black and white, I added a bit of a vignette. So, which do you prefer?


Debbie said...

It's hard to say - I like both the color and the B&W for different reasons. I would decide which one to use based on what I was going to use it for.

Laura said...

I love the color one. The green is so vibrant and full of life. I like how you made the texture of the bark pop as well.