May 18, 2009

just needed to post

This post is short and simple. Looking back at old photographs, I ran across this series of pictures we used as a thank you for my son's kindergarten teacher. That was the year he learned to read. He sat there reading Frog and Toad and I was just amazed. Three years later and I can still find him lounging on his bed reading.

What a great gift his teacher was able to give him .. the gift of reading.

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Ruth said...

This is pretty great! It's amazing when we see these things happen in our children... it sneaks up on us, and all of a sudden something they couldn't quite do before, they now can! I love watching Kirsten read street signs and commercial blurbs that pop up & disappear quickly - her mind is grasping those words & she tells me what they are! I love that she can do this now! Our kids are amazing, and I think giving the teachers some commendation for their part in these lives is a great idea!!!