Aug 1, 2008

the 3Day expo

Last Saturday I had the fun of attending the local Breast Cancer 3Day Expo. Two of my teammates, my sisters Debbie and Sarah, were able to attend as well.

Debbie and I loaded up our kids into the car with us. This has truly been turning into a family experience for us.

We joined up with Sarah and made our way. The first thing we did upon arriving was to hit the bathroom.

Okay, so that's certainly not the most important thing but it is the first thing we did. Then we entered the main expo area and were immediately greeted by women in pink boas cheering us on. Just that was cool. We wrote encouraging letters to each other that will be delivered at camp and signed a large banner that will be on display in the opening and closing ceremonies. My kids wrote me letters and it took all that within me not to look over their shoulders and try to read them. I will just have to be surpised at camp.

Did I mention camp? That's right, we spend the nights in these tiny tents, two to a tent. Of course, everything is pink!

We learned about the pit stops, checked out training gear (I bought a second pair of shoes so I can start breaking them in) and had a few snacks. It was a good time. I feel more confident in my ability to complete the walk. The boy took a photo of all of us girls and he pointed out that he moved a bit so that we'd be on one side but you could see the balloons on the other side. Wonder where he gets it from?!?

And lastly, the trio of sisters that are walking: Deb, Sarah and myself.

I am getting closer to my support goal of $2200. I am currently at $775. A new round of thanks goes out to:

The Petrotta Family
The Calvert Family

I really need your help here. I would like to get the total support of $2200 collected by August 8th. If you are considering donating, please do so in this coming week. If I don't get the full donation, I am unable to walk. I've been so encouraged by the donations and the nice notes coming in with them. Please help me reach my goal. Any donation - $1 to $100 - is really needed. If you have already supported another 3Day Walker I would ask you to consider making a $3 donation to me. That's just $1 for each day of walking 20 miles. The button is just to your right. I am walking so that one day, we can cure breast cancer and no person will have to deal with such an unforgiving disease. I need your help. Thanks so much!

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